Shop Managers Roundtable Event – November 25th 2020

Once again, this dynamic group of committed school shop managers shared the very many successes and struggles they have, and continue to have, in order to ensure their schools stores can meet and exceed the needs of their whole school community, while responding to the regularly changing rules around COVID19.

From the 28 participants it was so interesting to hear their responses to the three topics discussed:

•    What protocols/restrictions are in place in your shop,
•    Did the uniform requirements change at your school,
•    Have your sales been greatly impacted either positively or negatively,

For example, some schools shared their students wear only casual school uniform pieces, while others maintained the wearing of formal uniforms, with the exception of blazers and ties and how this has impacted sales, stock control and planning for 2021.   Some Shop Managers shared they have seen a big increase in the number of graduation rings ordered by families compared to previous years, while the conversation on fitting new and current students for key uniform pieces continues to be ongoing and robust.