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NISPA provides a range of opportunities to PA members to share their skills and work in a supportive, safe and fun environment.

We welcome you to explore the opportunities to be involved as a volunteer at NISPA.

Our purpose

NISPA, founded in 1989, operates as a non-for-profit and facilitates the professional development, networking and collaborative sharing of ideas by creating knowledge transfer opportunities for independent school parent associations' parent leaders.

We are looking for volunteers to serve as Committee Members that support Committee Chairs and NISPA's overall purpose.

What would you be doing?

Choose a committee you are passionate about and the committee chair will reach out to discuss working together.

Our responsibility to you

Ensure you are supported while volunteering on a committee in a fun environment.

Time Commitment

Time will vary depending on committee.

Other Benefits

Meet and work with others that are committed to NISPA's purpose.
It's an opportunity to apply your skills to help others and learn new skills.


The following committees are looking for members to assist them as needed throughout the school year. Please find the description of each committee at this link:

  • Communications Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • NISPA Connects Committee
  • Shop Managers Committee
  • Social Media Committee

If you are interested in volunteering with NISPA members please apply below.

Our team will reach out to discuss working together.

Role descriptions for Board and Committee Members

The Chair leads the Board Directors and provides support to Board Directors where needed.  The Chair runs the meeting and events as appropriate.  The Chair is also responsible for overseeing the NISPA Welcome Breakfast.  The Chair and the Treasurer work together to complete any necessary paperwork for the banking institution and to ensure financial accountability to all NISPA members.

The Past Chair supports and advises the Board Directors as needed and mentors the Chair.  The Past Chair attends and supports all meetings.  Also, the Past Chair heads the Nominating Committee and actively recruits members to the Board along with the support of the Chair, committee member or Vice Chair.

The Vice Chair supports the Chair's role, completes tasks as delegated by Chair and carries out Chair's roles and responsibilities in their absence. The Vice Chair also assists with planning events as needed. Furthermore, the Vice Chair assists in replying to member questions forwarded Marketing/Social Media Chair or other committee members.

The Treasurer prepares and presents an annual budget to be approved by Board Members.  Also, the Treasurer presents financial statements monthly at board meetings and the AGM.  The Chair and the Treasurer work together to complete all necessary paperwork for the banking institutions and maintains the books of account for NISPA.  It is suggested that the person applying for this position have some financial experience.

The Secretary is responsible for distributing the meeting agenda to Board Members and maintains the minutes of each Board meeting.  The Secretary also assists in keeping records of NISPA events and consolidates results of surveys.

Board Directors provides support where needed such as organizing events, chairing committees and attends monthly meetings and workshops. 

Committee members work with the Chair of the committee and are not required to attend board meetings.  Time commitment will vary depending on the needs of the committee.

The Communication Committee is the liaison to the webmaster that manages the web page.  They help to send out communications to the NISPA members regarding workshop, speaker series and newsletters.  They support event organizers and other committees with their communication needs.

The committee organizes virtual events or in person events at a school for the shopkeepers.  Two events are organized.

The Membership Committee works with the Treasurer to update current school members, assist school members with membership, and identify new schools that would benefit being NISPA members.

The NISPA Connects Committee works with schools to identify speakers that meet the needs of the PA members.  This also includes identifying topics for workshops in which PA members are given the opportunity to discuss and share ideas.  They assist in organizing the event along with all Board Directors.

The Social Media Committee is responsible for NISPA's Instagram and Twitter accounts.  This may include ideas to encourage participation, posting reminders of events and also to share other school events.

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