NISPA, formerly known as Interguild, is an organization based in the Greater Toronto Area that facilitates networking and idea sharing that our member Parent Associations and Guilds can use to move forward and work more effectively in their own school environment. Membership is open to the Parent Associations of all CIS Ontario schools.

Founded in 1991, NISPA endeavours to bring awareness to topics that impact all members and parents by hosting five annual events. These events focus on thought leadership and awareness generation as well as an event that showcases different suppliers for school shops and personalization items.

Our members are representatives from 35 Independent Schools based in Ontario who are also members of CIS Ontario. Learn more about becoming a member school.


NISPA's purpose is to foster communication and facilitate the collaborative sharing of ideas and information among CIS Parent Associations and Guilds.


In 1989 and 1990, organized meetings were held by a group of involved parents who recognized the benefits that could be realized by gathering the various Parent Associations of independent schools in the CIS Ontario. In Spring of 1990, a steering committee was put in place to formalize the structure, constitution, membership requirements, mission statement and recording procedure for this group.

NISPA's first formal AGM was held in April of 1991, where its constitution was presented and ratified by unanimous approval.

The First Formal Executive Committee

President : Carol Johnson, St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School

Vice President : Margaret-Ellen Disney, Lakefield College

Newsletter : Adrene Mantrop, St. Andrew’s College

Membership : Rosemary McIntosh, Crescent School

Secretary & Treasurer : Jenny Tebilcock, The Bishop Strachan School

Member at Large : Jocelyn Ciegg, Albert College

Member at Large : Anne MacInnis, Upper Canada College