Equity, Diversity and Inclusion - Our Promise

  1. We will celebrate Canada's heritage and diversity by embracing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in all we do
  2. We will be welcoming, consciously promote acceptance and demonstrate respect
  3. We promise to learn from and embrace differences among identities
  4. We will practice inclusive language and be open to learning
  5. We will continue to create connections and collaborate across cultures
  6. We will create safe spaces where volunteers can bring their whole authentic selves
  7. We will always recognize, value and learn from others experiences in order to understand it may be different from our own
  8. We will reflect the whole of our community in all we do
  9. We will hold ourselves accountable for the bias and inequity that our words and actions may have on others
  10. We will listen, learn and engage each other to understand where there may be blind spots toward inequality


Do you have questions? Email communications@nispa.ca or send us a note, we're happy to help.

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