Fundraising Workshop – October 26th, 2022

On Wednesday, October 26th, 2022, at 10:00am, NISPA hosted a Zoom workshop on Fundraising. Over 40 PA members participated in this event which was an opportunity for them to share their fundraising and “friend raising” initiatives.

The event began with a poll and an icebreaker. Then the session was divided into two parts with opportunities to answer questions in breakout rooms and then come back together and share ideas.

Part A:

During the pandemic, shifts have occurred from fundraising to community building “friend raising”.

  • Are you continuing with “friend raising”, or going back to fundraising, or a combination of both?
  • What initiatives are you focusing on this year?
  • Where do you get your fundraising ideas? Do you work with advancement/community partners etc.?

Part B:

How do you measure the success of your fundraising initiatives?

  • Do you set goals prior to the events? How do you track metrics?
  • Is there a post event analysis done? Surveys?

Ideas and notes will be organized by school in chart form and will be distributed to all those who participated. It will be shared on the NISPA website in the members only section.

NISPA would like to thank all those who attended and contributed to the conversation. Your input and feedback is greatly appreciated!

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