Welcome Breakfast with Sandra Herbst – September 28th, 2021

On Tuesday, September 28th at 10:00 am NISPA held it’s first event of this school year. The Welcome Breakfast with Sandra Herbst presenting was a huge success. It was so nice to so see so many new faces.

In attendance we had 32 members, 3 guests and 8 executives at the Welcome Breakfast – total 43 people and 23 schools represented. In lieu of an in person breakfast, NISPA treated all attendees to a $10 Tim Horton’s gift card which was emailed to each individual.

The breakfast started with Helen Pereira-Raso, Head of School at Holy Trinity College. Helen shared with the NISPA membership how Holy Trinity School is approaching education and learning in today’s world. Transforming learning is key to the HTS Business Venture and future. It is critical to stay relevant and current by reimagining events and ways of doing things.

Then Sandra Herbst, Chief Strategic Officer of HTS took us through her process of Success Analysis Protocol which promotes a culture of interdependence and collaboration. Sandra explained how there needs to be a facilitator that doesn’t participate, a timed element to move discussions along, and a review of the protocol in the end.

The question discussed was what strategy, event, activity has your PA employed successfully to engage your parent community? There were many amazing successful ideas shared.

A copy of the presentation was emailed to all attendees. All NISPA members will receive the presentation in our upcoming newsletter and the notes will also be located in our Members only area on our website.