NISPA Guest Speaker Event – October 27th 2020

Mark Bowden

We welcomed Mark Bowden for our virtual guest speaker event in October.  Mark has been voted the #1 Body Language Professional in the world for two years running. So yes, now is the time to sit up straight… even if you are sitting at home! Mark is the founder of communication training company, TRUTHPLANE® and his highly acclaimed TEDx talk has reached millions of people, and he is regularly called upon by media to comment on body language around elections and debates. Mark has written 4 books on body language and human behavior, the most recent TRUTH & LIES, WHAT PEOPLE ARE REALLY THINKING becoming a Globe and Mail Canadian Bestseller.

We were presented with a number of interesting ideas and suggestions on how to plan and participate in virtual meetings as part of our Parent Association planning sessions.

Mark encouraged us to ask important questions – Did you know that in order for virtual meetings to run effectively, paying attention to our body language is essential?

Little changes and suggestions all make for a better and effective meeting for the organizer and participants, and include:

  • shortening the length of the meeting
  • lighting
  • raising our laptop
  • use of our hands
  • along with not fearing silence

Mark Bowden used all of these effectual changes to make our event entertaining, while providing us with hands on knowledge to use for meetings, work environments, and also to help our children learn more effectively.