Leading with Intention Workshop – February 23rd 2021

Our Leading with Intention workshop was an engaging and informative session with a presentation, breakout rooms and whole group participation. Members were also able to ask questions and contribute feedback using the chat feature on Zoom.

Sandra Herbst

Sandra Herbst

Sandra Herbst led the session which explored the question, “What counts…what matters…what is important for a Parent Association to work as an effective team in achieving its mandate?” She drew on her experience as a teacher, school leader, superintendent and advisor to Ministries of Education as well as author, speaker, coach, mentor and consultant. She is currently serving as Chief Strategic Officer at Holy Trinity School.

She shared a sample of an effective meeting agenda:


  • welcome and beginnings
  • for learning-norms of collaboration that lead to success
  • for discussion-effective meeting structures and protocol
  • for information-essential communication moves for leaders

Sandra expanded on each subtopic referring to slides and practical examples from everyday situations. In the “for learning” section, it was noted that highly performing teams create their own norms and refer to them on a regular basis.  Attendees were led through the process of co-constructing norms of collaboration. In the “for discussion” phase, discussion and reflection protocols were shared and explained. Lastly, in the “for information” section, Sandra highlighted six significant items a leader needs to pay attention to: paraphrasing, questioning, pausing, presuming a stance of positive presupposition, setting aside unproductive listening patterns, and pursuing a balance between inquiry and advocacy.

Sandra concluded her presentation with a message to all leaders which is clarity brings equity. Furthermore, if we lead from the side, we promote a more positive and inclusive environment for all volunteers.

NISPA would like to thank Sandra Herbst for her dynamic and educational workshop and for all the valuable information that was shared. Also, a big thank you to Holy Trinity School for its collaboration and support of this presentation.